Compact, versatile, and powerful: ZASCHE handling launches its ZASCHE-Rope Hoist Electric


ZASCHE handling, a leading provider for load handling technology, presents its new range of rope hoists, the ZASCHE-Rope Hoist Electric (Z-RE). Designed for safety, reliability, and performance, the Z-RE enables operators to position loads with great sensitivity, offering assistance with complex assembly tasks.

Available in four load capacities (60kg, 80kg, 100kg, and 250kg), the Z-RE has a lifting height of 2,000mm and a lifting speed of up to 24m/min. Unlike traditional chain hoists, Z-RE can be seamlessly integrated with articulated arms and lifting axes¸ or fitted onto rail systems. Its plug-and-play functionality eliminates the need for a high voltage supply.

Erwin Wagner, Managing Director, ZASCHE handling shared, “The Z-RE is our solution to the increasing demand of equipment quality and durability at lower costs. With Z-RE, end-users can expect high handling rates, reduced runtime expenses, and longer suspended operating hours.”

The Z-RE is a powerful and versatile rope hoist that is ideal for a variety of lifting applications. Featuring a quick-change coupling on the hook, it allows for swift load adjustments and offers stepless speed control, enabling precise load handling, as well as swift lifting and lowering movements for enhanced efficiency. Its infinitely variable up/down function provides end-users with precise control for handling loads.

ZASCHE’s Z-RE prioritises safety for its users, with automatic switch-off in end positions, and an electronic overload limiter that instantaneously detects and shuts off the lifting circuit. It also boasts an integrated electronic control, motor temperature monitoring, and diagnostic support, simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting processes. Furthermore, it eliminates the chain-induced polygon effect.

Additional technical specifications include:

  • Supply voltage — 220V – 230V
  • Frequency — 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Durability — Drive/FEM group in accordance with DIN 15020 or FEM 4m (ISO M7)
  • Duty cycle — > 90%
  • Weight — < 30kg
  • Temperature range — 0ºC – +40ºC

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