Sitec Aerospace and Burkhard Merge to Form SAM GmbH


As of June 26, 2023, the aerospace company Sitec Aerospace GmbH located in Bad Tölz and its wholly owned subsidiary Burkhard GmbH in Mühldorf a. Inn merge to form a new company, SAM GmbH. The headquarters of the new company will be in Bad Tölz.

“As a result of a strategic reorientation of the entire SAM Group to focus not only on aerospace, but also to be able to leverage the great potential in the mechanical engineering industry, Sitec Aerospace GmbH will combine the aerospace and manufacturing divisions into one company.”, Harro Harms, CEO of SAM GmbH, says.

The two locations Bad Tölz and Mühldorf a. Inn will remain unchanged. There is already close and successful cooperation in various areas across the sites, which is to be further intensified by the merger of the two companies.

All employees of Burkhard GmbH were taken over by Sitec Aerospace GmbH and will continue to be employed by Sitec Aerospace GmbH. The previous company will be retained in its structure on the existing premises in Mühldorf a. Inn, but will be organizationally integrated into the operations of Sitec Aerospace GmbH.

With the effect of the merger, the name of Sitec Aerospace GmbH was changed to SAM GmbH accordingly.