esmo unveils new UniCell configurations for Production & Testing Processes


Cross-industry Compact Automation Solution Boosts Productivity & Enhances Occupational Safety


esmo group (esmo) — a full-service systems integrator that provides innovative and advanced engineering services — today unveils new configurations of UniCell, the company’s cross-industry compact automation housing solution for manufacturers looking to improve productivity levels, production stability, and occupational safety.

The UniCell enclosure is an all-in-one offering that enables manufacturers to streamline and optimize their processes. Highly standardized yet fully customizable, the modular solution can be deployed on stand-alone machines or in a network of complex systems. Depending on the user’s requirements, these automation housing units can be configured to perform specific production or testing tasks (e.g., joining operations, handling, assembly, inspection, etc.), flexibly catering to a variety of automation needs and comfortably tackles the most challenging demands.

Given its versatility, the UniCell is relevant for all industries and is most suitably applied on small to medium-sized components that require mid- to high-cycle rates. The automation cell boasts a sophisticated, innovative safety and lighting guidance system, which enhances occupational safety on the shopfloor while boosting productivity. Furthermore, the UniCell modules are easy to operate, maintain, and transport around the production facility.

Lars Ingenhag, Head of Business Unit Automation, expressed, “With the UniCell, we’re offering manufacturers a sophisticated enclosure that integrates a comprehensive safety concept. Its modular design also promotes scalability and facilitates quick installation, which translates to short delivery and assembly times — especially useful for customers who cannot afford extensive downtimes.”

Additional features of the UniCell:

  • robust and sturdy, welded machine frame made of steel (high rigidity)
  • optimum damping/shock absorption of dynamic robot motions, even at highest traversing speeds and force/load impacts
  • plug-and-play → customer-specific interface preparation (optional)
  • enclosed cell with pressure control systems
  • optimized accessibility facilitating maintenance and cleaning operations
  • integrated, consistently comprehensive safety concept (EMO, safety switches, light barriers, etc.)
  • standard interfaces (OPC UA) → Industry 4.0 pre-requisite
  • user-friendly HMI touch display for convenient system control
  • control cabinet integrable into system substructure plus storage option for robotics/vision controller (IPC)

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