About Us

Accuron Technologies (Accuron)  is an International engineering and technology group, having core competencies in precision manufacturing, material processing, systems design and system integration. We aspire to be a leading player in niche segments of our industries.

To extend Accuron's market reach, the group ventured beyond Singapore and established operations in its major markets in Asia, Europe and the USA. Today, Accuron is well positioned in the major economies to grow and expand its businesses.

Accuron comprises two business units that operate autonomously, namely; Aerospace and Industrial Technologies.

Accuron Aerospace

Accuron Aerospace, through the business of Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Pte Ltd (SAM) and Sitec Aerospace GmbH, designs & manufactures motion control components and manufactures critical aerospace components such as engine cases, engine mounts and nacelle beams. SAM‘s products are used extensively in multiple aircraft platforms ranging from commercial airliners to business jets and helicopters.

Accuron Industrial Technologies

Accuron Industrial Technologies (AIT), through the business of esmo AG, mechatronic systemtechnik Gmbh and Zasche Handling GmbH, specialises in the design & build of handling, assembly, testing and other engineering equipment as well as automation solutions to support a wide span of end-industries such as semiconductor, automotive, consumer products, electric mobility, food & beverage, etc. Our products and services support leading MNCs  globally to achieve their business objectives and to provide high quality products to their valued customers.

Our Vision

To be a world-class engineering and technology group serving industries to better lives.

Our Mission

To provide best-in-class solutions to our global customers.

Our Core Values
The integrity of an organization is the pillar of long term success, and its foundation lies in our people. It is the total sum of the individual traits of honesty, dedication, and responsibility as professionals and co-workers in a common enterprise of creating value and bringing positive contributions towards a better world.
As individuals, as companies and as countries, we must bring value to what we do, not just once, but consistently. It is part of the quest to enhance quality of life through consistent thought and application of efforts.
To try for the seemingly impossible, to break the mould and start over again, to look at issues and at ourselves dispassionately, to take responsibility for failure, to take the future into our hands and to contribute to that small bits.
Committment is the spirit that drives energies positively against seemingly impossible odds to achieve extraordinary results. It sustains the drive and keeps the standards flying.
In our drive to succeed as individuals and organizations, we will fail to bring value to others unless we empathize and support others in need. Organizations do not have compassion - only individuals do. A true act of compassion must come as a direct gift from that individual.

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